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Maximizing Energy Efficiency

Streamline Your Energy Usage by Transforming Your Organization with Energy Efficiency Services

Uncover Energy Inefficiencies

Gain Insights through Comprehensive Energy Auditing

Energy efficiency is a smart choice for several compelling reasons. By implementing energy-saving measures, you can:

Enhance Environmental Sustainability

Reduce Energy Costs

Improve Comfort & Productivity


Energy Auditing

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Energy Engineering

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Measurement & Verification

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A Pathway to Energy Efficiency

Elevate Your Operations with Thorough Energy Auditing.

Comprehensive Energy Auditing Solutions

Our Energy Auditing process provides a thorough examination of your energy consumption to identify saving opportunities.
It starts with Technical Data Solicitation to gather essential information.
Then, we conduct ASHRAE Level 1 Audits for a preliminary energy use overview, Level 2 Audits for a more comprehensive analysis including cost-saving measures, and Level 3 Audits to evaluate in-depth investment-grade opportunities. Paired with Energy Engineering, this approach ensures a detailed understanding and strategic implementation of energy-saving measures.

Energy Auditing Overview

ASHRAE Level 1 Audit (Preliminary)

In our preliminary audit phase, we conduct a detailed review that includes checking historical utility data, validating bills, and performing a thorough facility walkthrough to understand energy systems and space functions.

Energy Auditing

ASHRAE Level 2 Audit (Comprehensive)

Our energy audit involves an in-depth review starting from gathering site & equipment details to validating baseline data. We conduct extensive surveys of facility systems, including mechanical and electrical components, to gather data, study loads, and review current operations and maintenance practices

Energy Auditing

ASHRAE Level 3 Audit (Investment)

Our investment-grade audit zeroes in on capital-intensive energy-saving measures, evaluating costs, savings, and long-term economic impacts through life-cycle cost analysis to provides detailed engineering designs for implementation.

Energy Auditing Tools

Energy Engineering: Optimizing Efficiency Across Sectors

Our Energy Engineering section focuses on designing comprehensive energy-saving measures for both industrial and commercial sectors. We conduct thorough evaluations using the latest standards to identify feasible energy-saving opportunities. For the industrial sector, we enhance operational efficiency through smart metering, energy management systems, and targeted improvements across key processes. In the commercial sector, we optimize Building Management Systems, HVAC, building envelopes, and lighting for maximum energy efficiency. Our approach combines advanced modeling and real-time monitoring to ensure sustainable, cost-effective energy solutions.

Energy Engineering Overview

Energy Engineering

Industrial Sector Energy Efficiency

Our Existing Industries Energy Efficiency Program aims to boost operational efficiency via a methodical approach, starting with identifying energy-saving potentials and using smart metering for high-consumption processes. We implement an Energy Management System for real-time monitoring and efficient load management, focusing on extending equipment life and identifying savings across various processes. This initiative encourages the adoption of energy-efficient practices from the start, promising sustainable and cost-effective operations for new industries.

Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering – Commercial Sector Energy Efficiency

In our commercial sector Energy Engineering efforts, we focus on optimizing Building Management Systems for improved operational efficiency, fine-tuning HVAC systems for better energy performance, and enhancing the energy efficiency of building structures through advanced automation. We also optimize lighting systems and reduce plug loads, aiming for sustainable, cost-effective energy solutions that promote environmental responsibility and operational excellence.

Measurement & Verification Excellence

Measurement & Verification (M&V) lies at the core of our energy initiatives, beginning with meticulous planning that adopts a scientific approach to model energy consumption behavior. Our process ensures the projection of guaranteed energy efficiency savings, providing a reliable framework for our clients. Following the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), we employ a prescribed energy modeling methodology.

This allows us to normalize baseline and reporting period energy consumption, facilitating an “Apples to Apples” comparison that enhances accuracy and transparency. Through our commitment to robust M&V practices, we offer our clients confidence in the quantifiable and verifiable impact of our energy efficiency measures.